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Are you also thinking about a Christmas present or end-of-year gift? 🎁

Maybe you already have them at home, maybe you don't know it at all. Then take a look at our belt. Now, when you think of a belt, you don't immediately think of a Christmas present or end-of-year gift, but that's the tip.

A belt is often a good investment, because it lasts quite a long time and it is used a lot. So this year…gift a belt!

The Redbelt, available in different colours, is made from recycled fire hoses. This means that no material is lost and rejected fire hoses are given a new lease of life.

Go for a cool look and contribute to a more sustainable world! Get your own REDBAG product with free shipping! Recycled Heroism. A stylish addition to your wardrobe.

So do you still have doubts? Then choose this beautiful Christmas gift or end-of-year gift below. 🎄



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