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With the help of a sheltered workshop and the support of social charities. Items that people would wear and use with pride.

This is how REDBAG was born.

REDBAG . Sometimes a name says it all. Yes, we make bags, red bags. But there is a story behind it. Behind every bag. Behind the red. A REDBAG is a unique handmade bag, of high quality. Made in combination with the most heroic material to be recycled: fire hoses.

We have found a way to reuse firefighters' everyday equipment instead of throwing it away, and with a conscious and fashionable approach.

Discarded fire hoses from the Netherlands and Belgium that tell a story of heroism and brotherhood. We process these fire hoses in bags and accessories.

Not only was the recycling of used materials central, but we also want to do this in a socially responsible manner.


REDBAG likes to contribute, out of love for the planet and the people who live on it.

That's what's close to my heart.

Will you help too?


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