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REDBAG supports the following charities:

The Dutch Burns Foundation was established for research to improve burn treatment, prevention activities and help create a better life for burn patients.

The aim of the Dutch Burns Foundation is:

  • Improving the treatment of burn patients in all areas
  • Expanding knowledge about burn care and patients
  • Improving the quality of burn research programs
  • Carrying out the results of preclinical research to the clinic

In addition, the Dutch Burns Foundation stimulates cooperation between the three Dutch Burn Centers (in Beverwijk, Groningen and Rotterdam), by stimulating research, education and training and by establishing a center of expertise in the field of care and burns research. You can also support them directly via:

Almost everyone has someone in their circle of friends or family who has been affected by cancer. Unfortunately, loved ones in the REDBAG team have also died from this terrible disease. Fortunately, there have been many bright spots in recent years. The chance of stagnation or recovery increases and that is nice. Fight cancer is a young and idiosyncratic foundation for young adults that raises funds for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding). Under the motto 'Love life. fight cancer.' we show that the fight against cancer is paying off and we inspire people to get involved. Fight cancer wants to make young people aware of the need to fight cancer, involve them in the fight against cancer and above all: encourage action! The proceeds of Fight Cancer go through KWF Kankerbestrijding to scientific cancer research and prevention.

In a cardiac arrest, the first 6 minutes are crucial. Everywhere in the Netherlands, the right help must therefore be provided within 6 minutes. The Heart Foundation finances research and provides information and support to patients. Help and follow a CPR course: . But the Heart Foundation does more. More than 100 people die of cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands every day. The Heart Foundation finances research and provides information and support to patients.

Action Firefighter Stair Climb

People often do not realize that as a firefighter you often experience violent and radical events. Events that you can't always just shake off. Sometimes these events continue to haunt you and which in turn has a major impact on the processing ability.

That's why we support the Firefighter Stair Climb event . Through this event they raise money, the proceeds of which will benefit the Free of PTSD Foundation , because they are committed to all care providers.

They are there to help people and our colleagues. So that people can live again instead of “surviving.

By now drawing attention to PTSD, we also hope that more people in the fire service will also dare to stand up and ask for help.

If you want to make a donation on our behalf, you can also do so via the button below , don't forget to mention that it is for the Firefighter Stair Climb action.

If your team is working for a good cause, or you are organizing an event, REDBAG may be able to sponsor you. Send us an e-mail via or call +31(0)613594082 and we will discuss the possibilities.

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